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Mailbag: Are Two Mini-Byes Better?


For the past few years, the Cowboys followed their game on Thanksgiving with a game the following Thursday and then had a mini-bye. This year they play that second Thursday game later in the season and will have two mini-byes. Which is better? – Donald Lewis

Kurt: There are two things concerning this that I've learned from Nate Newton and Jesse Holley, my podcast mates on Hangin' With the Boys. First, players have a certain schedule throughout the week and they want it to remain as consistent as possible. Secondly, getting the body and even the mind ready for those quick-turnaround Thursday games is never easy. When they played on back-to-back Thursdays, the Cowboys really only had one short week as the second Thursday game would allow them to basically keep the same seven-day schedule. This season, they now have to deal with that fouled up routine and hurried preparation twice. And the next Thursday game at Tennessee will be no picnic. So while an extra mini-bye seems nice, I wouldn't think it outweighs what the players have to go through leading up to it.

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