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Mailbag: Assessing The Zeke Situation? Possible Other Suspensions?

With Zeke's suspension now upheld by Harold Henderson, assuming no further legal action delays or reduces the suspension, who do you see taking Zeke's spot on the roster?

Bryan: It might be a good opportunity to raid a practice squad to grab a player. If I was Will McClay I'd ask my pro scouts who their favorite guy was and make a run at that guy. You know your guys -- take a look at someone else. 

David:It's honestly not something I'm ready to consider until we hear about this temporary restraining order. As far as I understand it, on Friday we're going to hear word about whether Zeke will be granted this restraining order or not. If he is, then I imagine he'll play for the foreseeable future. If he isn't, then you start thinking about that roster spot. If it were me, I'd maybe go try to find a pass rusher.

While all the focus has been on Zeke, what is the status with the potential suspensions of Damien Wilson and Nolan Carroll? As frustrated as the Cowboys are with the league already, is it going to be even more irritating to them to find out those guys are suspended during the week of the first game? Or are they counting on suspensions coming later this week anyway?

Bryan: It appears the league is waiting for the courts to decide and they will make adjustments from there. Similar to what they did with Damontre' Moore. 

David:Typically, the NFL waits to hear legal ruling in these matters before they decide on discipline. It's still possible that one or both of them could be suspended, but I don't think it's going to happen in the near future.

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