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Mailbag: Austin Traylor's Chance For A Roster Spot? Leary Trade Possible?

One pre-draft report called Austin Traylor the best blocking TE that analysts had seen last year.  With James Hanna getting ready to get a scope, it begs the questions of how Traylor is looking and if he could make the squad and Hanna be on PUP at the start of the season?

Bryan: That has to be your hope for Austin Traylor if you would like to see him on the roster. I will say that he hasn't been that type of blocker that we had seen at Wisconsin. We have three more games to try and figure this out but when they went "13" personnel, it was Witten, Swaim and Escobar so at this point it's not a good sign. 

David:I think you're right that Hanna is probably a PUP candidate, given that he's having a knee scope three weeks before the start of the season. What's working against Traylor is that Gavin Escobar is leaps and bounds ahead of where we all expected him to be. So you've got the trio of Witten, Escobar and Swaim who are virtual locks to make the team. Honestly, I think I'd keep Traylor over Rico Gathers – but I'm just not sure this team can afford to go heavy at tight end.

With the decent trade Philly just plied of using an offensive lineman, don't you think the Cowboys could use Ron Leary to get good return to maybe get an extra body for the defensive line with all the suspensions?

Bryan: I am leaning toward keeping Ronald Leary at this point and here is my reasoning -- this team doesn't have a swing tackle on the roster. If I had to play a game today, I'd move Collins or Martin outside and plug Leary in as the starting guard. That gives you the best possible five you can put on the field. 

David:I'm not against making that deal, but I wouldn't be in a hurry. There's a lot of time left in this preseason, and the Cowboys shouldn't be in a hurry to part ways with quality depth. If they make it through the preseason without any injuries along the offensive line, and they're genuinely worried about their pass rush, perhaps they can make that move before the season starts. It's too early to worry about that in mid-August.


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