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Mailbag: Avoiding The Slow Starts? Impressed By The Secondary's Physicality?



The Cowboys are developing a habit of slow starts.  Any thoughts on how to reverse that?

Bryan: Offensively their inability to win on early downs has hurt them. They've been in some terrible down and distance situations which has hurt their ability to sustain drives. Defensively can really say the same thing but on the opposite end. Opponents have had success because they're not putting them in a hole with their play calling.

David: This is going to sound elementary and incredibly obvious, but it sure would help if they could run the ball better at the start of these games. That's the most crucial component of the Dallas offense, and it seems to throw them out of sync when they can't do it.



Not sure if this is true, but it looked like the defensive backs were more physical versus the Cardinals as the game wore on?  Challenging them on the line of scrimmage versus just dropping back.  Can we expect more of this?

Bryan:I always expect them to play more man coverage but only to be disappointed in the end. Marinelli has two game plans in these games. He's not going to give offense's the same look the entire game so I wouldn't hold my breath. You're going to see him play just as much man as he does zone. It's just his approach. 

David:I really enjoyed seeing the physicality that Jourdan Lewis and Xavier Woods brought to the field. Those guys are not overwhelmed in coverage, and they like to tackle. I think as they continue to develop and get playing time, it will only improve the quality of coverage we see on the back end.

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