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Mailbag: Bailey An Advantage For New PATs?; Adding Another RB?

Given the Cowboys have one of the best kickers in the game in Dan Bailey, don't you think that the move to the 33-yard PAT is going to be beneficial for the team? After all, one missed PAT could be a huge difference in a game.

Bryan: There is no question that having a kicker with Dan Bailey's talent on the squad will always be beneficial but if you look league wide – the number of kicks that are made inside 33-yards is nearly automatic. If they wanted to do something with the PAT, the rules committee should have considered moving the uprights in instead of moving the kickers back. Then you would have seen some interesting attempts.

David:Bailey is in the upper echelon of NFL kickers, but I think pretty much every team will feel confident that its kicker can consistently hit a 33-yard kick. It's going to be interesting to see how people's perceptions change with this new rule, though. I'm confident a top-tier kicker or two is going to miss a PAT this season, and it will no doubt draw plenty of criticism.


Does adding someone like Doug Martin make sense to increase competition going into training camp? I feel like he could be obtained for fairly cheap and could bounce back behind the Dallas O-Line.

Bryan: If I were to trade for a back – Lamar Miller of the Dolphins would be my guy. From just studying both players on tape he is a better fit than Martin. But I do understand what you are asking here and I agree that bringing in another back is not out of the question.

David:As long as the price is right, I'm on board with the idea of adding another running back – but I'm really opposed to giving up too much. When you consider how cheap it is to draft a new running back, I'd be reluctant to part ways with talented players or valuable picks. I wouldn't be opposed to kicking the tires on a free agent, like Chris Johnson or maybe Pierre Thomas. You'd be adding some competition to the position for a much lower cost.

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