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Mailbag: Balancing Senior Bowl, Pro Bowl Week? Dak's Progression In Year 2?


We saw the advantages of the staff coaching the Senior Bowl last year. Fast forward a year, and the staff is headed to Orlando to coach the Pro Bowl. What type of disadvantage does this create by not observing incoming prospects, even if they aren't actually coaching? If Dallas doesn't coach last year, would the coaches have loved Prescott enough to override the personnel department at No. 135?

Nick: This seems like a glass-half-empty view on this situation. First of all, I'd rather have my coaches in the Pro Bowl than the Senior Bowl every year. That means you're at least fighting in the playoffs. And your point on Dak isn't really accurate. The coaches will probably be around the Senior Bowl QBs this year as much as they were around Dak last year. They didn't coach him. I really don't think the coaches are missing much by not evaluating the practices that they can see on film anyway.

Rob: Well, they did get a closer look at Prescott at last year's Senior Bowl, but it must be pointed out that they didn't coach him that week. They got to be around him more at the Combine and as the pre-draft process continued. It is a bit of a balancing act for Cowboys brass this week. The coaches indeed won't be in Mobile, but the personnel staff will be there for evaluations. I agree with you that it can't hurt to have Jason Garrett and the coaches available for each benchmark of the pre-draft process, but that's just the way things fell this year. The Senior Bowl is just one step.


The popular mantra is that a player makes his biggest improvement from first to second season. Haven't we seen the opposite from some of the QBs with the hottest rookie campaigns? Do you think Dak makes a leap or has a similar slide in Year 2?

Nick: It's worth mentioning and something the Cowboys need to have the answer to before they make a decision on Romo. For all of the great superstar QBs out there we have seen some regression in guys like RG3, Kaepernick and Nick Foles. All of those guys have also endured a coaching change. So as long as the system remains the same and this O-line stays intact, I think Dak will be more like Russell Wilson and become a better QB than taking steps back.

Rob: Everyone I've spoken to about Dak this past year, inside and outside the organization, says pretty much the exact same thing about him: he's impeccably prepared and incredibly driven. I don't see that changing now that he's already seen what hard work can produce in this league. His talent is obvious. If he continues to work at it, there's no question in my mind he'll get better in really every aspect of the game the more reps he gets with the offense and the more things he sees from defenses. He also has a tremendous group of offensive players around him.

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