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Mailbag: Best Position Battle Of Camp? Going Heavy At Certain Positions?

With the suspensions of Hardy and McClain freeing up roster spots for the first four weeks, do you see the Cowboys going deeper with other positions as an extended trial? Possibly keeping all the running backs or an additional tight end?

Nick:Honestly, I don't see it really going to other positions. If Hardy isn't there, you'll probably need another pass rusher and with McClain not there, the linebackers will be thin. So I see players like Jack Crawford or Ben Gardner, perhaps Ryan Russell being in the mix early in the year. At linebacker, there are lots of question marks and maybe that's a spot that is just thin until McClain gets back. I could see keeping a fourth tight end but I don't know why you keep four backs. Doesn't make sense unless they are good special teams players.

Bryan: I see them keeping players around at defensive end and linebacker for depth reasons. You are already short at the position, so no need to not try and help it. The front office likes to keep a certain number of players at each spot and the coaches are never comfortable going light at those numbers as well.

What position battle are you looking forward to watching the most in this year's training camp?

Nick: I think there are a few good battles, but I don't know how any of them compare to running back. It's not only the most wide-open, but the highest-profiled position as well. I think Joseph Randle will get the early nod but something tells me Darren McFadden will end up getting more carries. And the way this team uses Lance Dunbar will be interesting. So to me, it's running back all the way.

Bryan: Running back. I have put my eggs in the McFadden basket but it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see one of the other backs step up and have the type of camp that makes this front office and coaching staff sit up and take notice.

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