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Mailbag: Best Route For Developing A QB? How To Address RB Spot?

With some of the younger backups around that show some promise do you see the Cowboys going after them like A.J. McCaron, Zach Mettenberger, Blaine Gabbert and others like that?

Bryan: It's always interesting to see those types of guys develop after they get drafted. As much as I would like to say take a run at the group you mentioned, I am more likely to roll with Kellen Moore and then select one of these kids in this 2016 draft for the future. With that fourth overall selection you are going to have a chance to do some good if things fall right. You will also have the luxury of high selections in the other rounds to help as well so that is the route I would take. On the other hand, the front office might like your approach better – we will soon see.

David:I feel incredibly confident saying that the Cowboys are going to put a lot of resources into this position in the spring. I think they're going to sign a veteran free agent – be it Kellen Moore or someone from outside the organization – and I also think they'll draft a developmental prospect. This team can't get away with carrying just two quarterbacks any more.



We have pretty decent running backs, but do you think the Cowboys will have any interest in drafting Derrick Henry now that he has declared to enter the draft?*

Bryan: When the dust settles, I really wonder where Derrick Henry is going to fall in this draft? I am a bigger fan of other running back that can do more than what Henry might be able to give me. The Alabama running back has been drafted highly in recent years with mixed results so that is a thought that crosses your mind when putting your board together. What I worry about Henry is with his size and lack of quickness is he going to struggle when plays are not blocked perfectly? Even as good as this Dallas offensive line has been, if backs do not have the ability to avoid – there are problems in the running game.

David:It's funny, because Darren McFadden obviously had a phenomenal season – but there's little in the way of depth behind him. Rod Smith is under contract, but he had just two carries for five yards all year. Lance Dunbar and Robert Turbin are free agents. Again, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Cowboys sign a free agent as well as a draft pick at running back. Whether that's Derrick Henry is hard to say. I assume he'll be a second or third-round pick.

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