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Mailbag: Best Route To Find Offensive Line Help? Brice Butler's Future?


Mr. Broaddus has beat the drum about how the backup O-Line held us hostage this year. Couldn't agree more. But how do you devote a top-50 pick to that group with all the other needs (S, LB, WR)? Assuming you can't re-sign Jonathan Cooper, is this a spot where the Cowboys should spend a little more in free agency to find a competent talent at starting guard/swing tackle guy so they can address those other needs in the draft?

Bryan: I am still drafting. There is a better chance of finding that type of player there than in free agency. The receiver and safety class have some depth to it. If they hit the linebacker first I still believe they could get quality at the other positions with the number of selections they have. 

Rob: It's possible the Cowboys could find a bargain in free agency. But remember how much money they'd have committed to their own guys if Zack Martin gets an extension and DeMarcus Lawrence signs a new deal or gets franchised. They've also done such a good job of developing offensive linemen that I'd imagine they're confident about finding one in the draft.


Brice Butler has threatened to leave in free agency if he does not start next season.  My question is should Brice Butler be starting?  And why hasn't he been starting the past couple of years?  Can he not beat out Terrence Williams or Cole Beasley?

Bryan: First off, I don't see Butler coming back. If the coaches believed he was better than Williams ,he would have been the starter. I don't disagree with him in that he was better than Williams in certain areas, but again, this is why I am now on the media side and not scouting.

Rob: More often than not, Butler made plays when he was in there. I don't put Beasley in the playing-time equation because he's got a specialized role in the slot. Like Bryan said, the coaches were more comfortable with Williams opposite Dez. You certainly could argue Butler might have helped shake the downfield passing game out of its midseason rut with more snaps, but remember he was dealing with a foot issue down the stretch.

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