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Mailbag: Best Way To Rotate The DTs? Expanding The Active Roster?

With Tyrone Crawford's hefty contract situation and possibly being pushed out of the conversation at the defensive end spot, his best chance at starting seems to be as the 3-technique tackle. If so, can you see Maliek Collins excelling at the 1-technique position?

Bryan: I have no problem with Collins playing as the one. His quickness and power would be ideal for the position. Thought he was one of the best defensive linemen they had last season. 

David:I definitely think Collins can play one-technique, but I wonder how exactly the Cowboys will decide to handle their rotation. They have to find room for Cedric Thornton and Stephen Paea, as well. Remember that Rod Marinelli rotates his linemen, anyway. So Crawford and Collins could always split reps at three-tech.

Will someone please explain to me why the NFL doesn't allow the roster to expand to say, 70 players? I just don't understand the upside of only allowing a 53 man roster. What is the harm in carrying more players?

Bryan: The owners have to pay these players, that's why. The players association would love it but it's just not going to happen. 

David:I'm not going to be surprised if this is an issue for the next CBA – especially if the NFL tries to expand the regular season. Even a small bump to 63, with additional players on the practice squad, would make a huge difference. It'd be more money for the owners to pay, but I think it'd help teams deal with injuries and other attrition much better.


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