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Mailbag: Better Option At LG? Importance Of Drafting A QB?


Is La'el Collins a better player right now than Ron Leary, or is this just a case of Collins having more better upside and that Leary probably won't return next season, so get Collins get as many reps and starts as possible now?*

Bryan: Collins got all the snaps last week in the two practices. Leary is restricted next season so they will have to make a decision there. The upside for Collins is there, but I am really curious how well that he can really fill in for Leary? There is a side of me that believes that Leary is playing through some injuries which is affected his play.

David:I'm tempted to think it's the latter, to be honest. I completely believe that Collins is going to be a solid starter in the league, and it's not a mistake to promote him. But it's awfully curious that Leary was definitively better throughout the offseason and training camp but is now being demoted. I agree with Bryan that I wonder if Leary is still dealing with his groin injury. That said, Collins' upside is tremendous and getting him into the action can only help his development. It's a good problem for the Cowboys to have that they have so much depth.


Say you are sitting there in the second round of this next draft and you have your choice of the QB or RB you covet. Do you take the successor to Romo, or give him the crucial weapon he needs behind him?*

Bryan: I take the quarterback – no questions asked. At some point the journey must begin so take that first step.

David:If you're looking at a quarterback you truly covet, then I think the decision is easy. Take a look at the stats. Virtually every good quarterback in this league, with the exceptions of Tom Brady and Tony Romo, was taken in the first three rounds of the NFL draft. It's hard to find a reliable starter at that position. Given Romo's age and injury history, I'd have to think toward the future.

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