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Mailbag: Better Pass Rusher, Lawson Or Bosa? Elliott's Pass Blocking?

The Cowboys value the right defensive end spot. There is a lot of discussion around how Joey Bosa is a left defensive end. Why so little talk about Shaq Lawson, a right defensive end? How does he compare to DeMarcus Lawrence coming out of school?

Nick: In the very limited clips I've seen of both players, I actually like Lawson a little more than Bosa, but again, I haven't watched much tape on them or any of the prospects for that matter. Lawson is active and seems to be disrupting the play on every snap. But it sounds like he's more of an option if the Cowboys traded back around the 10-12 range.  

Bryan:  Shaq Lawson is a better overall player than DeMarcus Lawrence coming out of school but I don't believe that he would be a better right defensive end? With Lawson I don't see the burst to finish but I do like what he was able to do breaking down blockers. I see him going in this draft somewhere between picks 12-15.
Tony Romo isn't getting any younger and his protection is a priority. Would drafting Ezekiel Elliott prolong Romo's career and just how good is Elliott as a pass blocker?

Nick: Elliott would be the most Romo-friendly player the Cowboys could get in my opinion and that's including a top tackle like Laremy Tunsil. Yes, Elliott is a complete player who would block and pick up tough yards. He would probably help the receivers and passing game just as much with his ability to draw in the defense.[embeddedad0]

Bryan: One of the best traits of Elliott is his ability to block. He takes a tremendous amount of pride in being outstanding at it. He is tough and prepared. In my opinion, he is rare in this area.

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