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Mailbag: Big Spending In Free Agency? Trading Back From The No. 4 Pick?

With the Cowboys' window to win a championship with Tony Romo closing in the next few years, and a decent salary cap situation, do you see them making a splash in free agency?

Bryan: I try not to say "never," but I could see them trying to sign their own first, then bottom fish for others. This team has done a pretty nice job of letting things calm down then strike on some quality deals. I could see them taking that approach again here.

David:I definitely think the Cowboys will add some pieces in free agency, but we haven't seen them act like big spenders since 2012 when they signed Brandon Carr – and that didn't work out so well. They might add some well-known players, depending on the price. I just can't see them signing the type of $60 million contract it would take to add one of the highly-prized free agents.

Since Wentz is viewed right now as a mid-round pick, do you see a situation where Dallas trades down to get another high pick (maybe next year's first) and then take him closer to where he is a more equitable choice?

Bryan: We don't know where these quarterbacks are going to go? That's the problem with your idea. If they feel like Wentz is their guy – then just take him at No. 4 and work the rest of the draft. I also want to know who is on that board other than Wentz when their turn comes because I could go a completely different direction if other guys I like are there.

David:There's a lot of pressure on a No. 4 pick, so the idea of trading down is undoubtedly appealing – it's just not that simple. You can never guarantee how other teams value the talent in the draft, so trading back could cost you the player you want, be it Wentz or someone else. Nothing is out of the question, as far as I'm concerned – which makes this draft all the more interesting.


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