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Mailbag: Big Year For Ryan Russell & Chaz Green? Drafting Lynch At No. 4?

Do you see Ryan Russell and Chaz Green having big impacts this year?

Bryan: The forgotten men of the previous draft – I would even throw Mark Nzeocha into the mix here. It appeared that the coaches were struggling to find a true spot for Russell and he didn't get off to the kind of start we thought he might. It's a big offseason for him in the weight room and hopefully feeling more comfortable in his surroundings. Green was able to finish out the season working on the scout team at a couple of different spots. Right now he is looking to compete for the swing tackle job. Like Russell, the time in the weight room is big for him as well to add more strength which was a problem for him at Florida. Don't know if either will have big years, but being on the 46 each week would be a nice start.

David: Call me a pessimist, but I'm the type that has to see to believe. Now, that doesn't mean Russell and Green can't take strides in 2016 – I just think it'd be a mistake to count on it. The Cowboys' decision to re-sign Charles Brown, as well as the signings they've made along the defensive line, indicate that they feel similarly.

Paxton Lynch's Pro Day showed that he could potentially have the highest potential (judging on purely arm-talent). If the Browns take Wentz and another team trades with San Diego for Goff, would it be a reach if the Cowboys take Lynch with the fourth pick?

Bryan: Paxton Lynch is my favorite quarterback in the draft with Goff next and Wentz to follow. In our Star Magazine Mock Draft, I selected Lynch at No. 4 with my pick. There is a side of me that believes when it is all said and done that he will be the top quarterback on their board, but taking him there might be a different story in comparison to who else they have graded there.

David: I personally think it would be a reach, because Lynch strikes me as the rawest and riskiest of the big three quarterbacks. He very well could develop into a star, or he could disappoint like many other quarterbacks who were highly-rated based on potential – Jake Locker comes to mind. Having said that, if the Cowboys like him enough, it wouldn't surprise me to see that happen.

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