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Mailbag: Biggest Concern Against Indy Offense?; Scoreboard Watching?

We played a lot of man against Philly, will we have the same success against Indy? How does our defense match up against Indy's offense? We should be able to move the ball on offense, but will our defense be able to hold off their passing attack?

Bryan: If this defense plays similar to how they played against Philadelphia last week, that it is your best chance of winning the game. If T.Y. Hilton plays, I could see Orlando Scandrick going with him, with Brandon Carr and Sterling Moore matching up with Hakeem Nicks and Reggie Wayne. Your worry should be Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen, with their ability to get up the field. Barry Church has improved as the season has progressed, and you also have Tyler Patmon in the mix to play dime if you want.

David: As usual, the opponent's tight end is a concern for me. Coby Fleener is second on the team in receptions, and he's averaging 16 yards per grab. The Cowboys have been roughed up by almost every single tight end they've played this season, so past experience leads me to believe Fleener is going to have his looks. The big thing for me is just limiting these ridiculous fluke plays. Jeremy Maclin's 58-yard gain on Thanksgiving, when he slipped into a horrendous gap in the zone, and his 72-yard gain last weekend, when he took advantage of a bad decision by Brandon Carr – things like that can't happen against the likes of T.Y. Hilton or Reggie Wayne, or even Donte Moncrief.

Since the Eagles play on Saturday, will the outcome of that game have any bearing on the final decision as to whether DeMarco Murray plays against the Colts? If the Eagles win, Dallas will be in a must-win situation vs. Indy.

Bryan: None. Murray is going to play regardless. There is too much on the line for him and this team. They need to win these last two games and let the chips fall where they may.

David:I just don't think that's the way NFL players or teams are wired. If Murray feels good enough to play and help the Cowboys, he's going to play. You could turn your hypothetical around and say that if Washington beats Philadelphia, the Cowboys will have a chance to clinch the division a week early – also a situation where you'd want your best back to help you. Jason Garrett beats the phrase "we're focused on us" into the ground on a weekly basis, but it is true. They're not going to let outside factors determine this. It's all about whether or not Murray thinks he can be effective.

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