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Mailbag: Biggest Concern Against New York? Why Release Ryan Russell?

What is your biggest concern going into the game against the Giants this weekend? A rookie QB starting his first regular season game or the defense being able to establish a pass rush?

Bryan: This defense has never really had great success of getting a pass rush due to the way that Eli Manning gets rid of the football. I remember days where the Giants had a far less quality offensive line, and there was not any pressure due to how Manning played. My concern for Dak Prescott is not reading defenses or putting his team in the right play call, but his ability to make tight window throws. This Giants secondary does a nice job of playing tight coverage and that's going to force Prescott to have to be careful where he puts the ball.

David:I think Dak is facing a steep challenge, but I'm not overly worried about him handling it. He's not going to be spectacular, but I think he'll be fine. What bothers me is the thought that it should be far easier for Eli Manning and Co. to answer the Cowboys than vice versa. The Giants invested $200 million on playmakers for their defense this offseason. I expect them to make some plays against an offense led by a rookie. I don't feel that same confidence for the Cowboys defense, which has to work against Eli Manning, Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard – among others.

What happened with Ryan Russell? I thought the Cowboys were high on him?

Bryan: Ryan Russell started off well in the OTAs and minicamps even putting himself in a position where he could have contented for a starting job. In training camp, you started to see that he just wasn't good enough or consistent enough to take the job. His biggest issue was his inability to finish, which led to his release from the club. Count me as one of those that believed he was going to turn the corner but that was incorrect on my part.

David:I wasn't surprised to see Russell get cut over the weekend, but I was very surprised when he was released from the practice squad on Tuesday. The preseason wasn't encouraging for Russell, but he's still a fifth-round pick in just his second season. If he couldn't have contributed on game day, I figured the coaches would at least want to try to work with him during the week. I guess they decided they had seen enough.


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