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Mailbag: Biggest Disappointment This Year? Kellen Moore's Future?

Sitting at 4-10. Eliminated from the playoffs, with two games left to play. What is your biggest disappointment of this team in 2015?

Bryan: It would be easy to say the injuries to Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Orlando Scandrick robbed this team of any opportunity to run away with a poor division. I am disappointed in the lack of turnovers. I have never been around a team that works harder to create them then this group and they just haven't come.  

David:The loss of Romo has to factor at the top of the list, because it completely changed the trajectory of a promising season. As far as things that have actually happened, I'd have to mention the pass rush. The Cowboys were supposed to be great at getting to the quarterback, but their 29 sacks this season ranks just 20th in the league. That's not what we foresaw during training camp.

With the encouraging play from Kellen Moore Saturday night, does he look like the heir apparent to Tony Romo, or does Dallas still need to address Romo's replacement in the draft or free agency (RGIII or Kaepernick)?

Bryan: Kellen Moore has always been a bridge to me. What his early play has allowed him is the opportunity to be a confident backup in case something once again happens to Romo. He has the ability to potentially win a game or two in that situation all while allowing a draft pick not to have to be exposed until they are ready for him.

David:It's way, way too soon to say Kellen Moore looks like much of anything. He definitely sparked the offense on Saturday night, but I'd like to see him a couple more times before I decide if he's good enough to be Romo's backup. Regardless, I think the Cowboys will carry three quarterbacks from here on out. They need to determine who their backup is, and then I'd still advise drafting a quarterback at some point this spring.

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