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Mailbag: Biggest Draft Needs? Favorable Matchups Against SF?

I know it's just a few games into the season, but what positions might we begin to target for the upcoming draft?

Bryan: Ok I'll bite. Defensive line, linebackers, offensive line and running back. Depending on how things workout at right end, you could look there as well. 

David:Even with DeMarcus Lawrence having a career year, you still probably need pass rushers. Lawrence is in a contract year, and there aren't many other proven edge rushers on this defense. After watching the offensive line struggle, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to drafting a talented left guard to plug into the lineup. I also think you have to consider safety, given that Byron Jones and Jeff Heath are both nearing the ends of their respective deals.

Given the return of some key players like Lee and Hitchens, the rest from the bye week, and going to face a bad team giving their rookie QB his first start, do you think this week could be the game that gets the defense started in the right direction? Maybe even a turnover or two?

Bryan: First off, the 49ers could beat you with that rookie quarterback. This defense has had its struggles creating turnovers, so to say because it's the 49ers they're going to all the sudden happen is a wrong approach, as well. When you're a poor tackling team, you don't create turnovers. That's where this club is right now. Tackle better and you'll see more turnovers, no matter who you play. 

David:I'm certainly hoping this is an opportunity for the defense to get itself on track. No opponent in the NFL is ever easy, but this is about as manageable an opponent as the Cowboys have in the next month. If they can't create some favorable results against the 49ers, they might not be able to at all.

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