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Mailbag: Biggest Impact Lost In Free Agency?; Romo's Health?


Which of this year's departed free agents is likely to make the most significant contribution for their new teams?*

Rob: Murray. Even though he's no longer running behind the Cowboys' line and the Eagles have a pretty deep running back rotation on paper, I believe he'll gain Chip Kelly's trust as the featured back on most downs just as he did here. It's hard to see other departures such as Dwayne Harris, Bruce Carter or Henry Melton having a bigger individual impact on their new teams.

David:With Rob having covered Murray's impact in Philly, I'll throw out Jermey Parnell over in Jacksonville. He played well in spot duty for Doug Free last fall, and he put it toward a big pay day. The Jaguars are going to need him to build on 2014, as they desperately need help keeping Blake Bortles upright. They gave Bortles some fantastic weapons to work with – Julius Thomas, T.J. Yeldon, Marqise Lee, Allen Robinson and Rashad Greene. Parnell can go a long way toward helping that offense succeed.


With Romo being fully healthy heading into this season for the first time in a while, do you see him having a better year this year that doesn't necessarily show in the stat column?

Rob: It will be hard to top what Romo did last year from an efficiency standpoint, completing 70 percent of his passes. You'll have to tell me what the run game does, though. If it's again the catalyst for the offense, yes, he could be even more effective from the very first game. Remember, Week 1 last year he clearly wasn't himself. If the run game struggles to get consistent yards, though, Romo is going to have to shoulder more of the burden as he has in past years, and the offense will be more predictable as a result.

David:I don't think it's reasonable to expect much improvement from Romo from a numbers standpoint – not when you consider where he finished in quarterback rating and completion percentage. There's bound to be some benefit for him when it comes to his health, though. Three of the Cowboys' four losses last year – San Francisco, Washington and Philadelphia – were marked by Romo dealing with injury problems, either directly or indirectly. If he's at 100 percent and can stay that way, it can only help.

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