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Mailbag: Brandon Carr's Future? How To Handle DeSean Jackson?

Can we safely assume that Brandon Carr does not return next year at the current salary?

Bryan: I thought he wasn't going to return at his current salary this season. There was all kinds of talk in the previous offseason that was going to happen but didn't. This might once again be a situation where with the cap expanding that they just let this ride and get the relief another day. 

David:We spent so much time and energy covering Carr's contract last year, and nothing wound up happening. Well, his cap hit is going to drop from $13.8 million to $12.7 million this year, and the salary cap is going to expand. I wouldn't be surprised to see them try to re-negotiate, but it's hard to guarantee it considering what happened just last offseason.


If Mo Claiborne is not available to play this Monday, will Deji Olatoye get a shot to start or does this staff trust Byron to cover Desean Jackson?

Bryan: They trust that Jones can cover Jackson. Olatoye will likely continue to get more work, but I do not see him getting more of a role in a game over Tyler Patmon or if there is an injury. 

David:I would guess that multiple guys will be called on to cover Jackson – especially considering how much he moves around the formation. I would imagine the work falls more to the trio of Carr, Jones and Patmon than Olatoye. All of that said, Claiborne has said that he feels optimistic that he can go on Monday.

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