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Mailbag: Breakout Player For 2017? Offseason Workout Schedule?

Whether offensively or defensively, who do you feel could potentially be a breakout player this season?

Bryan: I really do like what I've seen from Anthony Brown. He's going to push for a starting job at corner and once he gets it, he is likely to have a big year. 

David:I think Byron Jones makes a jump in 2017. He's shown an ability to get his hands on the ball, and his confidence has grown every year he's been here. The Cowboys desperately need him to step up, and I think he's up to that challenge.

Now the OTAs are over, we have five weeks before training camp. Why is it that teams work the guys so hard for these past few weeks only to have nothing for the next five weeks before we get into full swing? To me, you are creating a situation where injuries are more likely by not getting enough practice and losing what was gained these past few weeks. What are your thoughts?

Bryan: I don't disagree at all. If it was me, I'd give the team three weeks off at the beginning of the year and which would allow me to extend practice before camp. I am sure there is some CBA rule that I am missing here?

David:I get your point, but it's worth remembering that these guys will be playing and practicing football from late July until January – or potentially longer, if they accomplish their goals. It seems harsh to expect them to put that much stress on their bodies without some sort of break. The coaches are typically smart with how they ease them back into the grind.

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