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Mailbag: Bringing Back Former Cowboys? Examining The 30 Visits?



Everyone will say "We got the guys we wanted" after the draft, but being Dallas only got one of their 30 "visit guys," couldn't one argue they did not get the guys they coveted most?

Bryan: Connor Williams is from here and visited on Dallas Day, so technically they drafted two players that they had interest in. Beyond that it's really a crap shoot if you're going to draft more than one or two guys. 

David:Take a look at the list of visitors, and you'll notice that it's skewed very heavily toward the top of the draft. About 15 of the Cowboys' visitors went in the first two rounds – because the priority is to get a read on the guys you're going to draft in the beginning. Once the first two rounds are over, it becomes much more unlikely a visitor is going to fall to you. So no, I don't think that's overly indicative of their success in the draft.



Any interest in bringing back recently released former Cowboys J.J. Wilcox, or Terrell McClain?

Bryan: I feel like there is a chance on McClain but not really sure about Wilcox? Hearing whispers they'd like to see what they have in Showers since he's been here now for a few seasons. 

David:I'd be very interested to bring back McClain, assuming the two sides can agree on a price. He can play both defensive tackle positions, and he was a big part of the locker room culture back in 2016. I don't feel as strongly about Wilcox – but it would be nice to fill out that depth chart with a veteran.  

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