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Mailbag: Bringing Back Jason Hatcher? Competition For Street's Job?

With the recent release of Jason Hatcher from Washington, could you see him possibly returning to the Cowboys uniform at the right price?

Bryan:Not really. If they are looking for a guy that can play as a backup three technique, Adrian Clayborn is that type of player. He is younger and far more disruptive than what you would get from Hatcher. There is a reason that Washington let him walk – respect that.

David:I don't think it'd be the worst idea in the world, but – as always – I'd want it to be for the right price. Hatcher posted 11 sacks in this scheme in 2013, and he's got plenty of familiarity with the organization, considering he was drafted here. I think the Cowboys would rather get younger at defensive tackle, but Hatcher could have a bit more production left working in rotation with Tyrone Crawford.

Do you think Devin Street makes this team?  I'm not watching the tape, but I don't see much progress from his rookie year.  He may have been worse this past year?

Bryan:I believe that Street has one foot in the parking lot. With all the practice time and game action that he received, he did nothing with it. With the talent in this upcoming draft at receiver, he is going to have his hands full to make this roster if the front office goes in that direction.

David:It's not the highest priority, but I don't think there's any doubt the Cowboys need to upgrade the talent on the wide receiver depth chart. I don't know if that means they'll sign someone in free agency, draft a young wide receiver or pick up an undrafted, ala Lucky Whitehead. But I do think there will be some competition for Street's job in training camp, and he'll have to work to rise above it.


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