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Mailbag: Byron Jones Starting At Safety? Romo's Practice Routine?

I noticed that Barry Church is out of practice with an ankle injury. If he is a no-go for the game Sunday, is this the game we see our rookie Byron Jones start at safety? If so, who steps up to his current deployment on defense?

Bryan: Jones has been taking reps at safety with Church missing practice. The plan is to start him there if Church cannot go. If Jones does start – I believe you will still see him play those roles of covering the tight end or as that nickel / dime linebacker. They've thrown a lot at him and he has handled it well.

David: I think Church will find a way to play, so I'm not buying that Jones will be a full-time safety just yet. That said, even if Church can't go, I think Byron's abilities in tight end coverage would keep him from playing safety exclusively. He would definitely get a lot of snaps, but I think you'd probably see him rotate, allowing him to move down and deal with Jimmy Graham when he needs to.



Is there an update on Tony Romo? Is there a timeline for him to start throwing and how soon can he start practicing?

Bryan: He can start practicing next week, but I have yet to hear anything about him throwing the ball on the side. Now that's not saying he isn't doing it at another time or location. What I believe they are working on now with him is his conditioning so that's a positive sign that we could be seeing him here in the near future.

David: Romo can actually return to practice as soon as next week, but it remains to be seen if he's ready to. Jason Garrett has told us he's been receiving scans and is doing well in his recovery, but it's hard to say what that means for his practice regimen. It's definitely something to keep an eye on in the next week or two. Just as a reminder: he's eligible to play Nov. 22 against Miami.

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