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Mailbag: Can UCLA LB Make Difference Like Miller? Defense Now Top Priority?

Mike HauslerHouston, Texas

Watching Von Miller Sunday night makes me think the Cowboys should definitely draft UCLA's Myles Jack at No. 4. But do performances like that play any role in how players with similar potential are considered? Do you guys get caught up in the same sorts of hype that we armchair GM's do?

Nick:  I think it's natural to do that and yes in some ways, it's probably smart. This is a copycat league and all you have to do is watch the Super Bowl and realize how important a strong defense – with consistent pass rush – is to a team's success. Really, you just need catalytic difference-makers. Yes, I think I'm with you on Jack, but I can't say I've seen him play a ton. But he does seem like the kind of defensive player who could step right in and contribute. This Cowboys team needs that and so I would have to say I'm on board with your assessment.

Bryan:They are just trying to put those players in the best possible order to select. You mentioned Myles Jack, scouts knew he was a great player before Von Miller had the type of game in the Super Bowl - the two have nothing to do with the other. If a quarterback is still the top player on their board or any other offensive player then they need to select that guy.    

Andrew FeganRichmond, VA

After watching this Super Bowl, do you think the decision makers in Dallas will decide to invest heavily in the defense this offseason? It seems to me that our offense (when fully healthy) can compete with anyone. I know it's cliché but the last couple of years have shown defense wins championships. But will the Cowboys agree?

Nick: You can look at the Super Bowl and say that talented defensive players make the difference. You can also say – you better get a No. 1 overall pick at quarterback to get you there. Or in those two cases, maybe you need both. I don't know if there's a specific recipe for any team, but for this Cowboys team, I think you've got major holes on both sides. You really can get the best player on either side. If this team drafted defense with its first three picks, I could be on board. If they did the same on offense, I don't think it would be the worst idea. They just need good football players and when you go 4-12, it gives you the chance to do it. But yes, I think this team could certainly use a few more playmakers on defense.

Bryan: You build your board in a way that you take the best player regardless if it is offense or defense.

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