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Mailbag: Career Year For Williams? Who Has Skill Set Similar To Dunbar?


With Dez Bryant back and our running game looking better than ever, hoping that the last game of the season wasn't a fluke. What are the odds of Terrance Williams having a career year? And possibly having more yards than Bryant, given he'll draw less double teams than Bryant?

Rob: Back healthy, I'm expecting Bryant to lead the team in receiving yards and touchdowns once again, but yes, I can also see Williams playing the best season of his career. I don't think he has to exceed last year's 52 catches to have a "career year" – it's about consistently making defenses pay for doubling Bryant. Alvin Harper made defenses pay for doubling Michael Irvin, and it's the same dynamic with the Cowboys' current top two receivers. No doubt it's a big opportunity for Williams entering the final year of his rookie contract. Tony Romo running the offense again should make a world of difference for all the receivers, too.

David: It's certainly plausible. Terrance had 840 yards last year, but his career high for catches is only 52 – which is a bit pedestrian by starting receiver standards. With Dez back and Ezekiel Elliott in the lineup, Terrance should have plenty more freedom to do what he did in 2014, which is make big-time plays against single coverage. I think he'll do just that, and he should have a solid year. I don't think he'll surpass Dez, though. Even if he's receiving double-teams, Dez is one of the focal points of this offense.


With Lance Dunbar more than likely starting the year on the PUP list, who do you see potentially stepping into that role as a receiver out of the backfield? What kind of receiver is Darius Jackson? Any thoughts on using Lucky Whitehead in that role? It would be a big loss to lose that potential matchup problem for opposing defenses.

Rob: The Cowboys aren't ruling out the possibility of Dunbar returning sometime in training camp, but there's also not a set timeline. Whitehead has a unique skill set with his speed and the way the Cowboys have used him on those jet sweeps. Darren McFadden also is an underrated receiver out of the backfield; quietly he had 40 catches last year.

David: I've said this a couple of times now, and I'll repeat that I'm fascinated to see what Jackson brings to the table at training camp. I wouldn't say his strength is as a receiver, but he did average 10 yards per catch on 21 receptions last year – so he can definitely do it. He's a bigger back, but he's got some surprising speed to go with that power. Sixth-round picks aren't all that valuable, but the Cowboys wouldn't have used a pick of any kind on another running back if they weren't highly interested. I'm not going to be surprised if Jackson finds himself a role on the 53.

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