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Mailbag: Carry Less RBs Because Of Switzer? How Many CBs Make The 53?

We didn't take any RBs in this draft but we did pick up a guy like Ryan Switzer. Do you see us keeping one less RB on the roster and maybe an extra WR now that Lance Dunbar and Darius Jackson are no longer on the roster, for Switzer to fill that role?

Bryan: They're expected to sign undrafted free agent Jahad Thomas (RB, Temple) but he doesn't fit that Dunbar role. Last season they went with three quarterbacks on the roster and I don't see them doing that this year. There is likely where your extra roster spot will come from. Gut tells me they go three running backs and one fullback.

Rob: Jason Garrett was asked that question about Switzer possibly replacing some of Dunbar's old duties. He said because Switzer's not a true running back (although he did play it in college) he doesn't think he'd get some of the same matchups against linebackers. But it's a good thought because Dunbar lined up out wide as much as he did in the backfield. I would imagine Switzer is capable of handling some of the jet sweeps we've seen as part of the offense, but Lucky Whitehead has done that as well.

How many corners will we keep on the 53-man roster? We already have Nolan Carroll, Orlando Scandrick, Anthony Brown and we drafted three rookie corners. I see Chidobe Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis making it and contributing as well. Will they just have those five corners?

Bryan: Need to see how all these kids play before you can make that number call. You also need to remember that there might be a cornerback on one of these clubs that gets released that they like better. For the sake of the question, I'll go six cornerbacks and four safeties but could just as easily go five and five.

Rob: As we sit here in May, that's a pretty solid projection. Awuzie gives them some flexibility as a possible safety, which might allow them to carry an extra corner on the 53. But Bryan's right: we haven't seen any of these rookies step on the field yet. Way too early to say.

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