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Mailbag: Carrying Six Wide Receivers? Looking For Outside Veteran Help?

What are the chances of the team carrying more than five receivers going into the season? Locks are going to be Dez, Cole, TWill, Switzer, and possibly Butler? Is anyone outplaying Butler in practices or playing well enough to keep?

Bryan: I think Butler is going to make this team as the 5th. He is outplaying Andy Jones and Noah Brown right now but things could change. One of those guys are going to have to a great camp to make them keep six. If they do keep an extra guy my gut would say it's Noah. 

David:I've been saying since the draft that I think they might be forced to carry six receivers to start this season. Brice Butler is a better player than Noah Brown and Andy Jones right now, but the younger guys might have more upside. Keep whichever one has a better camp and go light at another position.


This time of year, everyone begins thinking about veterans that may be on the bubble all over the NFL. Based on the Cowboy's areas of need, cap room available and some potential veterans that might get their pink slips as cap casualties, is there anyone out there that you see as someone who would be an upgrade that the Cowboys would go after, assuming they are in fact released?

Bryan: Backup quarterback or linebacker makes a lot of sense. I don't have any names yet but once we start playing these pre-season games we'll get an idea. 

David:I have a feeling the coaching staff is going to be keeping an eye on offensive line options – particularly for depth. If someone who can improve the depth at left guard or right tackle becomes available, I wouldn't be surprised to see them make that move.

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