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Mailbag: Chance Of Drafting At DT? Grading The Cowboys' 2015 Draft?

With the issue of the pass rush is the 3-tech spot locked in? While we have interchangeable linemen, I haven't seen anyone dominate the three. Which draft prospect do you think would be a better fit than in-house?

Bryan: You're not going to get Jonathan Allen in this draft, but Florida defensive tackle Caleb Brantley might be a good option there with his quickness. Charlotte tackle Larry Ogunjobi is a good player as well. 

David:I would honestly be fairly surprised if the Cowboys spent a big pick on a defensive tackle in this draft. Maliek Collins showed a ton of promise as a rookie, David Irving is a virtual certainty to return and Cedric Thornton is on the payroll for three more years. I think there's also a good chance Terrell McClain returns, and Tyrone Crawford can obviously play tackle. I think the Cowboys would be much better off addressing their outside rush.

Usually everyone wants to wait a few years to grade a draft, but seemingly those same people are in agreement that the Cowboys had a great draft in 2016. As good as that one was, we'll give them an "A", what grade would you give the front office for 2015?

Bryan: "C" with a chance to go up if you can get Chaz Green to stay healthy and you get something from Damien Wilson and Mark Nzeocha at linebacker. The Gregory selection was a bad set back. 

David:I honestly think your original premise is the correct one. As good as last year's rookie class was, it's far too early to assume they'll all continue to excel. I'd be surprised if they don't – but I'm sure Robert Griffin and Alfred Morris looked like slam dunks in 2013, as well. As for the other question, I think a "C" sounds about right. Byron Jones has been good, not great. Randy Gregory is essentially a wasted pick. Chaz Green has played in 4 of 32 possible games. Ryan Russell is off the team. Damien Wilson, Mark Nzeocha and Geoff Swaim are all promising players, but that's not enough to offset the rest.


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