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Mailbag: Chances Of Darius Jackson, Jameill Showers Making The 53?


There's lots of talk about Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore as Tony Romo's backup. Last year the coaches were high on Jameill Showers from Texas-El Paso and his future as a possible replacement because of his athletic skills as well as QB skills. What's the forecast now, and how does he fit into the Cowboys' plans? Do they keep four QBs?

Bryan: I don't see them keeping four quarterbacks. If you are a Jameill Showers fan, your best hope is that he out plays Kellen Moore in these preseason games and it makes the coaches switch their minds about him. Prescott is not going anywhere, so that leaves Showers to battle with Moore or another quarterback not currently on the roster.  

Rob: They aren't keeping four quarterbacks on the 53. Showers appears to be in a tough spot numbers-wise because they drafted Prescott and they also want a backup with game experience, such as Moore. Focusing solely on quarterback, as opposed to his utility role on the practice squad last year, will give Showers more of a chance to develop. I agree that he has some good traits for a quarterback prospect, poise among them.


Watching Darius Jackson's highlights, the dude looks like a beast. How far do you think he could potentially rise up the depth chart?

Bryan: There are some impressive traits to his game. With two veteran running backs ahead of him, he is going to get plenty of work during training camp and in the preseason games to prove he belongs on the 53. Where he could also improve his chances is on special teams. McFadden and Morris do not play special teams and Dunbar is a core guy – if somehow he shows up there as well, much like when Joseph Randle did when he was drafted, then it will likely force the front office's hand.

Rob: It's very early to say after rookie minicamp, but I don't think it's out of the question he makes the 53-man roster with a good training camp. Like Bryan said, his special teams work is key. It's possible the team keeps four running backs, though you have to remember they'll probably keep three quarterbacks. The team thinks he's a big, fast back with room to develop since he was only a one-year starter in college. The practice squad might be more realistic, but who knows at this point. Have to let things play out.

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