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Mailbag: Chances Of Moving An OT To Guard?; Thoughts On Undrafted RBs?

I know that the Cowboys were looking for a swing tackle, but is there a chance that either of the tackles drafted will compete to start for Leary?

Bryan: In talking with Frank Pollack about the players, it appears that Chaz Green would have the best chance for that type of move. But Pollack also went onto add that Green's best position would be as an offensive tackle and that is what the film showed.

David:Green spent some time at guard, so he could theoretically fill in there, but I think the Cowboys would prefer to have the depth at tackle – they don't have much in the way of proven commodities behind Tyron Smith and Doug Free. Leary is a solid option for the time being, and Mackenzy Bernadeau gives the Cowboys some veteran depth at guard that few teams enjoy.


With all of the grumbling about the Cowboys not drafting a RB, I noticed the FA signing of Synjyn Days out of Georgia Tech. Of course, it remains to be seen at this point, but he is a big, strong back who can "pound the rock." I've seen tapes on this guy and I think he has a shot at not only making the team, but being a significant contributor -- making not taking a RB in the draft a moot point. Your thoughts?

Bryan: I am okay with Synjyn Days running the ball because I really like his toughness, but I didn't see him catch the ball out of the backfield, nor did I see him pass block. Which is something I would like to see before I agree with you.  

David: You'll never know for sure until they start practicing – as Tyler Patmon's presence on the roster can attest. That said, I think it's going to be an uphill battle for anyone else to make this roster. The Cowboys have to sort out the depth chart between the four running backs currently on the roster, and you have to assume that they're going to carry a fullback, since they signed two this spring. It's a tough position for an undrafted rookie to break into. But it's possible.

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