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Mailbag: Changing Up The Route Running? Improving The CB Position?

We all know Denver has a good defense.  What did the coaches do to help the receivers create space?  Why not more crossing routes like Atlanta, Seattle, New England etc. It seems the Cowboys use too many vertical and sideline patterns which are easy to scheme.

Bryan:It's hard to create space when the corners you're playing are outstanding space players. The Broncos contested every ball no matter what route they saw. Bunch formations and motion across the formation might have been better. 

David:I think you're probably right that there's more they could have done, but it is worth remembering that even Cole Beasley and Ezekiel Elliott got smothered on the routes they ran – which were meant to create mismatches in space. Just as a general idea, though, I'd like to see more routes across the formation. Dez Bryant is fantastic at those, and I think he only caught one pass on that type of route on Sunday. I'd also like to see Ryan Switzer get more involved – but I just don't know who you take off the field to get him more playing time.

What is the Cowboys' plan for the cornerback situation? Even before the injuries they were getting rolled over in this last game. I do not see many options out there, are we just in for the ride and hope for the best?

Bryan:You sound very "sky is falling" now. The secondary was great against the Giants but struggled versus the Broncos. Those things happen in this league. Roll with Scandrick, Brown and Lewis would be my best answer. To me that group is better. Then, just hope for the best. *         David:*If you're looking for a silver lining, it's that one of the team's top two cornerbacks was absent in Denver. But Orlando Scandrick should be back soon – possibly this week. It's unfortunate that injuries have limited Jourdan Lewis and Chidobe Awuzie. But your best hope is that they'll improve as the season rolls along, and I think they will. It's very unlikely that this is going to be an elite unit in 2017, but I don't think they'll often look as bad as they did against the Broncos.


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