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Mailbag: Choosing Between OG & DT? Improving "Next Man Up" Philosophy?



If the guys you want at the 1-technique DT and left guard position are both there for you when it's time to pick, who do you take and why?

Bryan: Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson is one of my favorite players in the draft. If he's there it's a no brainer. I am a big fan of Georgia guard Isiah Wynn, but I'd draft Washington defensive tackle Vita Vea between the two. I will also say that they're more quality defensive tackles than guards in this draft. 

David:I think I'm more confident that a guard drafted 19th overall can step in and start immediately and play well right away. Rod Marinelli loves to rotate his defensive linemen, not to mention there are a couple of solid defensive tackles on this roster already. If I'm choosing between the two, I think I'd go guard.



Why does this team struggle so much with the "next man up" philosophy when someone misses time, compared to other teams who are still successful with it?

Bryan: Let's not act like this happens to them every year. Is depth a concern? Yes, it is. But to say that they struggle with it is not accurate. In the past they've won games without Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith and even more importantly Tony Romo. 

David:I think that was probably the central theme of this 2017 season. As well as the Cowboys handled injuries in 2016, they couldn't do it again the following season. Their depth at offensive tackle and linebacker was exposed, and they found out exactly how much Ezekiel Elliott meant to their offense. With any luck, those losses won't be an issue again in 2018, but hopefully this team learned that you have to do a better job of prepping for the worst. I think the depth on this team could use some upgrades, and I think the coaching staff could do a better job of adapting when starting personnel goes down. We'll see if that happens this year.

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