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Mailbag: Closing The Gap On Philly? Drafting An Immediate Contributor?



Fair to say the Eagles will be favored to repeat as division champs. What can Dallas do to close the gap? It seems clear to me that the priority should be on defense and offensive line.

Bryan: The Eagles did a nice job with their roster. You beat them last year when it mattered and lost to them this season while short-handed. I don't see the gap as being that deep when all hands are on deck. Work the draft, add some quality pieces but don't pigeon-hole yourself on what you should take. I like their chances to add those guys even selecting where they are. 

Rob: They've got to protect themselves at linebacker and left tackle in case Sean Lee and/or Tyron Smith were ever to miss more time. Adding some speed on offense, either at receiver or through a change-of-pace running back, also makes sense. And you can never have enough pass rushers or corners. There really aren't many positions on this roster where you say, yep, they're covered.



Picking at No. 19, I would assume you are drafting a plug-and-play type player. What positions do you see actually having that option on this team? I would say WR, LG, DE, DT, or S. Corner could be an option if the right one is there.

Bryan: I don't disagree with the plug-and-play players. I think it might be hard for a WR to step in right off the jump, but like you've said, those other positions offer really good opportunities and should help. 

Rob: Peek into your crystal ball and tell me if Anthony Hitchens re-signs. If not, then add linebacker to your list, even with all the optimism around Jaylon Smith taking another step forward. Same with left guard. Would like to see the Cowboys find an offensive lineman who could play that spot and even kick out to tackle if needed.

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