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Mailbag: Cold Weather Concerns?; Learning From Dez's Mistake?

What are the Cowboys doing to prepare for the bone-chilling cold in Green Bay? The football will be a rock and the field like concrete.

Bryan: The one advantage is that the Packers live in those conditions, so there is nothing the Cowboys can do about that. My experience from living in Green Bay tells me that both teams will have to deal with the conditions. The field will most likely be a mess, and you are right that the ball will be hard, but we have seen a recent history where teams have gone into Lambeau and won playoff games. The Giants and 49ers come to mind in recent years, so it can be done. The fact that the Cowboys can run the ball will help them better deal with the cold, and the way they create turnovers is also a plus.

David: Well, they're going to practice outdoors in 30-degree temperatures all week. I know it will be colder in Green Bay, but I'm not sure what more you can do. This team has played in some pretty cold places – last season's game in Chicago comes to mind. Not to mention, a whole bunch of these guys – Tony Romo, Travis Frederick, Zack Martin, Nick Hayden, Barry Church, Anthony Hitchens, Brandon Carr, just to name a few – are from the Midwest and should be plenty familiar with cold weather games. I think they'll be fine in that regard.


We always hear Dez is passionate, and that's fine, but he needs to understand that he has no place on the field when the defense is out there. He could have been called for unsportsmanlike conduct. If there's a bad call, that's for the Coach to figure out. How should the team handle Dez's incident?

Bryan: Bryant knows that he can't go on the field during those situations and the fact that nothing was called on him was a break for the club. I am sure that both Jason Garrett and Derek Dooley have told him what he already knew and hopefully the situation will be different next time.

David: Jason Garrett said Monday that he has addressed Dez and the entire team about that, but it's a good point. Dez is a fifth-year veteran, and it's pretty ridiculous that he couldn't do a better job of keeping his cool in that situation. Of course, it was also his first-ever playoff game, but still. I kind of got the sense from listening to Dez after the game that he knew he got away with one, so hopefully for his sake it was a valuable learning experience.

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