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Mailbag: Collins At Swing Tackle? Finding A Use For Gavin Escobar?

How much 12 personnel package do you expect to see this year (percentage of the offense)? It was my understanding that was why we drafted Escobar, and were emulating what the Patriots were trying to do at the time with Gronk and Aaron Hernandez. Now we have a logjam with Witten, Escobar and Hanna, and everyone wants to keep Swaim now, too. How does this shake out?

David:The Cowboys actually seem to enjoy using multiple tight ends – but typically when they want to run the ball, not throw it. I want to believe Escobar is going to have a bigger role in 2015, but the coaches have to trust his blocking, because they don't want to be one-dimensional when he's out there. Regardless, he's far too valuable in the red zone to forget about.

Rob: They have a logjam of skill position players, period. If you go 12 personnel then you're probably taking Cole Beasley off the field. I wouldn't expect that to happen regularly. But if Escobar can do what he did in Sunday's practice -- essentially dominate the red zone -- he'll earn more snaps.


With Weems struggling and Green hurt, is it possible that Collins can be the swing tackle?

David:Make sure you read Bryan Broaddus' 12 Thoughts column today, where he talks about Collins potentially earning tackle reps. I still think the long-term plan for him is guard, but he should be given a look if Weems can't grab the job. The Cowboys have a lot of talent and not a lot of space for it – which is a good problem to have.

Rob: Jason Garrett has discussed getting the best players on the field. If Collins is in that top six, then they'll need to see how he can handle swing tackle behind the starting five. He played it in college and actually finished his LSU career as a left tackle. But the power he showed at times against San Diego is what could make him a really good guard.

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