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Mailbag: Collins At Tackle Instead Of Guard?; Is Ray Rice Worth A Look?


So much has been made about Collins beating out Ronald Leary but not much mentioned about beating out Doug Free. Who do you think is in more jeopardy of losing their job?

Nick: I think that's a good question. It all comes down to just how good Collins is. It sounds like he does have the skill set to play both positions. I think the reason most people are saying it will be Leary is because Free is considered a better overall player. It sounds more plausible that Collins could come in and beat out Leary than Free, who has been in the league eight seasons. Either way, if he can push either player it will be good for the team.

David:I think it makes sense for a variety of reasons. None of this is a knock on Ron Leary, but I just think an eight-year veteran like Free would be harder to beat out – on top of that, if you go back to the pre-draft analysis, a lot of people projected Collins as a better guard than tackle, anyway. In addition, I think they really like Chaz Green as their swing tackle and a potential starter in the future. It doesn't make sense to have a logjam at tackle when you could use one of those resources at guard. All of that said, Collins may well be this team's right tackle in the future – I just don't think it'll be this season.

Given the teams need for an affordable yet proven running back, and the team's willingness to provide second chances, Why aren't the Cowboys considering Ray Rice to run behind their stellar offensive line?

Nick: Production. If you're going to create instant headlines, you'd better be worth it. His lack of production the last few years says it wouldn't be worth the attention that move would receive. With what this team has already done this offseason, I'd give that one a big "no thanks."

David:I was not a big fan of the decision to sign Greg Hardy, and that's a guy who has notched 27 sacks in his last 32 games – so it's hard for me to make an argument for Ray Rice. In Rice's last 32 games, he averaged 3.8 yards per carry, and he hasn't had a 100-yard game since Dec. 23, 2012. He only averaged 3.1 yards per carry for 660 total yards in his last full season. Rice's on-field abilities appeared to be declining before his off-field problems even began. If the Cowboys are set on adding another running back, Rice doesn't bring enough to the table to be worth the scrutiny he'd bring.

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