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Mailbag: Comparing The Guard Situation To Last Year? Thoughts On D.J. Chark?



Comparing Marcus Martin and Jonathan Cooper. Who would you rather have at guard? Cooper played better as the year went on, so if Martin is the better player does Dallas really have a need to draft a guard in the early rounds?

Bryan: I like what I saw on tape from Martin while he was with Cleveland. I think he has a chance to be a better Cooper. Their ace in the hole is Collins. If they want to play Fleming at right tackle or draft a tackle -- that means the move of Collins is likely. 

David:Marcus Martin is one of the biggest unknown variables in this whole equation. He obviously wasn't starting in Cleveland, but I wonder how he might fit in with this current O-Line group. I don't think his presence on the roster is enough to keep them from drafting a guard, but I'm not sure it needs to be a first round priority.



I still don't understand why D.J. Chark isn't talked about in the same conversation with D.J. Moore, Calvin Ridley and even Christian Kirk. Can you help me understand why?

Bryan: I went to school at LSU. I live and die with how their games go. Chark is one of the reasons I tend to die. He's a wildly inconsistent player. His ability is outstanding. His ability to finish is not. No one in this draft looks the part more than him, but you need to beware of what potentially lies ahead. 

David:Honestly, I feel like we've talked plenty about Chark. He's not a guy I would draft at No. 19, because the tape isn't consistent enough. But his physical tools make him an awfully attractive option – and we know the Cowboys have met with him. The only problem is that I doubt he'll hang around all the way to pick No. 50. If Dallas wants him, they may have to trade up.

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