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Mailbag: Comparison To '91 Cowboys? Addressing Free Agents On The Roster?


There are a lot of soon-to-be free agents on this team who have a ton of talent and produced a lot in 2016 (especially the guys in the secondary). Is there anyone on that list who is expected to re-sign by the time free agency comes around? Or is none of this particularly certain yet?

Bryan: The Combine is generally when the front office and agents get together. I believe they have a plan in what they would like to do, so we could start hearing some whispers after next week.

Rob:Not certain. Free agency opens March 9, and there might be players in that group of 20 free agents who would like to see what the market looks like first. When you think about a player such as Brandon Carr who's turning 31, he might not have the opportunity to really test the market again if thats what he wants to do. But you never know.


I'm just curious if it's just me - or if any of y'all see the similarities between this team and the team from 1991? They were young, had their Triplets in place, had a great offense, made it to the divisional round of the playoffs and eventually were shredded by the Detroit Run and Shoot before making key defensive additions in the offseason. I hope the similarities continue, as that team won three of the next four Super Bowls!

Bryan: I agree about the offense but this defense is not nearly as talented as that group. That defense needed just one or two more players - this one likely needs an entirely new secondary.

Rob: This question seems timely since the '90s Cowboys just celebrated a 25-year Super Bowl reunion over the weekend. Indeed, the 2016 Cowboys were a young team that made a surprise run to the playoffs. They've got a dominant offensive line and a lot of talent at the skill positions. Always hesitant to make that comparison, though, for a couple reasons: free agency these days can really change the look of a team year to year, and it's tough to compare anybody to those '90s teams with all those Hall of Famers. Don't forget the Cowboys had a Hall of Fame pass rusher, Charles Haley, who made a big difference on defense. If the Cowboys are going to take the next step next year they'll really have to earn it.

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