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Mailbag: Competition For The Safety Spots? Draft Day Hypotheticals?


Assuming Byron Jones, Barry Church, and Jeff Heath are locks for the 53-man roster, who do you see claiming the fourth safety spot? Can Kavon Frazier or maybe even Rolan Milligan push/beat J.J. Wilcox?*

Bryan: I wouldn't say that Church is a lock and could see Frazier/Milligan pushing for spots if they play well enough. This front office is not married to any of these players if they don't perform well enough, and if they feel that Church is not good enough they could easily move along. You also have to remember that Church and Wilcox both are in the last year of their contracts so the club might be ready to move along as well.

David:J.J. Wilcox's job security is definitely one of the most interesting storylines about this summer. He's been in the mix for a starting spot during all three years of his career, but I think both Frazier and Milligan have what it takes to push him. It's entirely possible Church could be in for a battle, too. But I think the combination of his ability, his leadership and his locker room presence make him likely to remain on for the final year of his deal. I don't feel as confident saying that about Wilcox.

I wonder, had Jaylon Smith been fully healthy and never injured, and the Cowboys had to pick between him and Zeke at No. 4, if Zeke would have still gotten the nod? Just a fun hypothetical.

Bryan: My gut is that they would have gone with Jaylon Smith – his tape was that good and it was a position where they could have used the help right away. Healthy Smith would have been a top three player in this draft and on my board would have been right there with Myles Jack as the best player.

David:I honestly think it still would have been Zeke – and for the same reason they picked him in the first place. Even if Jaylon Smith plays at a Pro Bowl level as a rookie, it's far more likely that Elliott makes the bigger impact at running back. A special running back, behind this offensive line, receiving 20-30 touches per game is far more likely to make a difference than just about any defender – except maybe an elite pass rusher. So I'd still stick with Zeke.


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