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Mailbag: Concern About David Irving? Focusing Too Much On Draft Needs?



With surfacing reports of assault allegations against David Irving, how does this impact the Cowboys' approach with the draft looming a few days ahead?

Bryan: This front office was looking at defensive tackles regardless of what was going on with David Irving. He's on a one-year deal so there is no security at all with his situation. If they can add a tackle at either spot, it should have a positive impact on the squad going forward.

David:What a bizarre story. It seems like it resolved itself, as far as I'm aware, but perhaps we just got a glimpse at why the Cowboys don't seem like they're in a rush to sign Irving long-term. I doubt this is going to change their approach, but defensive tackle was already a need.



Since Will McClay has gotten here haven't the Cowboys gotten away from "drafting for need"? All I see if everyone saying we need a linebacker and wide receiver in the first two rounds.

Bryan: I am from the school of best player early, which generally keeps you from making mistakes then going for need later. I disagree, I believe McClay has worked on a similar approach and his drafts have been better because of it.

David:You shouldn't ever draft specifically for need. That's how you wind up with lesser players. But everyone should acknowledge that need always plays a role in this process. If the front office feels similarly about two different players, but one of them fits a need – that's the route they're probably going to take. The Cowboys did it just last year, when they acknowledged that they weren't going to draft Dalvin Cook, despite having a high grade on him.

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