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Mailbag: Concern About Next Week's Quick Turnaround? Romo For MVP?


Do you think had the Cowboys won even one game during Romo's absence, they might've started Cassel this week and held Romo back until Thanksgiving so as to hopefully avoid the type of disastrous Thanksgiving game last year was?  Because as important as beating Miami on Sunday is, beating Carolina is equally as important. But now Romo will have to face them four days after his first game in two months. *

Bryan: You have no choice now – your season is to the point where you have to play him no matter what. If you had beaten New Orleans, New York Giants and Tampa Bay I understand your concern but you didn't.

David:Honestly, I don't think so. Romo is this team's most important player, as we've all learned this year, and I don't think the Cowboys would sit him out of a game he's capable of playing. That said, it's very concerning that he's going to be playing one of the league's best defenses on three days' rest. It didn't go so well last year.

If the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs (and Romo plays well) does that put him in the MVP discussion?

Bryan: If he were to pull that off – then that would be the definition of a true MVP. This team is going to need him to play like a MVP if they are going to do what you are even talking about (playoffs).

David:I wonder if others would vote for him, strictly because he wouldn't have the gaudy numbers as some quarterbacks who will wind up starting 16 games. But if Romo guides this team to the playoffs, it'll mean that they went either 6-1 or 7-0 down the stretch – with Romo presumably playing like a beast. He'd have to be considered if that were to happen.

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