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Mailbag: Concern About OL Depth? Maintaining The Defense's Strong Play?

With the injury scare with Leary, how close is Chaz Green to being ready to go? Joe Looney stepped in and was fine, but depth is beginning to be a concern.

Bryan: Green hasn't really practiced in a couple of weeks, so there is that concern. I know they are hopeful that he can do more this week. Listening to Jerry Jones talk about Leary, it sounds like that he will be available against the Steelers.

David: It sounds like the Cowboys dodged a bullet, with Jason Garrett, Jerry Jones and Leary himself all saying he seems to be fine coming out of the Cleveland game. The depth at tackle does concern me, given that we haven't seen Chaz Green since the San Francisco game. I honestly thought he might be available to play the Browns. Hopefully he can do more this week and get himself back in action.

Game in, game out, I make up reasons in my head why teams may have a shot at beating us because of our defense (i.e. Pryor & Coleman vs. our injured secondary). Every game they prove me wrong. Is there reason to believe this defense can win games when it matters most, against some high-powered offences?

Bryan: As long as they limit mental mistakes and get 11 bodies to the ball they have a chance in all these games. Rod Marinelli and this defensive staff have figured out ways to take what they have talent wise and put them in the best position to make plays.

David:Maybe the best thing that could be happening for this defense is that they're winning games. I still think it's fair to say this unit is lacking in top-level talent, but they have bought in on Rod Marinelli's method of limiting big plays strictly through hustle. If it wasn't paying off, I wonder if they'd be as quick to buy in. But it is paying off – so much so that they aren't even letting injuries affect them. As long as they can keep that mentality and keep getting hats to the ball, I think they can be effective – maybe not great, but effective – against anyone.

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