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Mailbag: Concern About The Free Agent Losses? Carr & Claiborne's Future?

Heading into free agency, I think most of us expected the Cowboys to lose many of their free agents and this has played out so far with the losses of Leary, Wilcox, Church, etc.  And now the news that Romo may or may not be traded and Doug Free is expected to retire.  Is this what you guys expected this year and are you satisfied with the signings the team has made so far?

Bryan: I expected them to lose players, but I also expect them to grab better players in the draft. I have to say that I like what they've done with Carroll and Moore, as well. I believe that Carroll could be your starter at right corner and be a better player than Carr. Moore showed up in Seattle tape from last year -- so if they get that player it was a great get. 

David:If they do in fact lose Doug Free to retirement, that's a big blow and could put them in a tricky situation going forward. Other than that, these other losses shouldn't come as much of a surprise. The Cowboys don't want to overpay in free agency, so they were bound to lose some players. But I also don't think they're done yet. There will be some more additions, and they'll look to bolster the roster in the draft. By May, I don't think things will look quite as dire as they do in March.

I haven't heard anything on the site or from any other outlets regarding Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. Are they getting any attention on the market? And since they've made it through the first few days of free agency does that make it more hopeful that we may be able to retain at least one of them?

Bryan: Sounds like Carr might end up at the Jets and Claiborne with the Ravens. 

David:I'm on the record saying how much I'd like them to bring Brandon Carr back, but I'm not sure if the numbers make sense. By signing Nolan Carroll, you've assured yourself a solid starting trio of him, Orlando Scandrick and Anthony Brown. I also think it'd be smart to draft a guy to develop – preferably with a premium pick. Assuming you do that, where exactly do Carr and Claiborne fit in? It's unlikely you're going to pay them veteran money to be the No. 4 or No. 5 cornerback. As it sits right now, it seems unlikely either guy will be retained.

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