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Mailbag: Concerned About The Depth At DE?


love what we did in the draft, but don't you think we still need some insurance at defensive end in case Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory don't come through? JOE SANCHEZ / FORT WORTH, TX

Jonny: Insurance at defensive end would be great, but I'm not quite sure how much you're going to reasonably add at this point. They'll surely look to add a body or two at the position. Obviously, you're worried about question marks. You've got guys with legitimate talent or potential (Aldon Smith, Randy Gregory, or a rookie in Bradlee Anae) who have question marks like rust or inexperience attached to them. But if you sign someone whose actual talent level is a question mark then I'm not sure that's really considered insurance.

Nick: I think the insurance is drafting Bradlee Anae and hoping he lives up to the potential they have for him. Don't forget about a couple of youngsters – Jalen Jelks and Joe Jackson – from last year. One of them could develop, as well. And they really like Ron'Dell Carter as an undrafted free agent. I think they've thrown a lot of things at the wall. Let's see if something sticks.

With all the talk about the coaching staff discussing possibly moving a corner to safety, paired with the signing of Ha Ha, I can't help but wonder what this means for Xavier Woods? I think he's still the best safety on the roster, so would a move like that be for depth or to push him down?JAMES MITCHELL / INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Jonny: I won't pretend to know exactly what Woods' role will be going forward, but I think the notion of moving him around isn't about doubting his potential. I would argue it's the opposite. Woods was a sixth-round pick who has consistently earned his time on the field and shown abilities to learn and adapt over his career. If Woods is able to succeed at a different position and it allows the Cowboys to put their most talented players on the field then that's an example of his value.

Nick: Honestly, you just throw them all out there and see how plays the best. I know it sounds simple, but sometimes it is. Maybe Ha Ha Clinton-Dix won't be that good here with the Cowboys. Maybe Xavier Woods is better than all of them. And maybe someone like a Jourdan Lewis or Chido or another cornerback slides over and plays well. I think Woods is pretty good, but the position could use an upgrade. I think Woods will end up starting, but if someone legitimately beats him out, then that's a good thing for the team.

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