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Mailbag: Concerned About Tyron Smith's Back? How To Get Dez Involved?

How bad is Tyron Smith's back issue? To the point we need to consider trading for Joe Thomas or Joe Staley?

Bryan: If I am going to use a high draft pick to grab a player – it's not going to be for an offensive lineman. Tyron Smith will be fine. They're finding ways to manage him during practice and that should help him get through these games.

David:You don't hear about all of them, but players across the league deal with painful injuries on a daily basis all through the season. Much like Tyrone Crawford's shoulder injury last season, I think Tyron is going to be dealing with this for the rest of the year. He's going to miss some practice, but the Cowboys will find ways to get him ready for the games. It's unfortunate, but that's just the nature of the league.

One thing I love about this year's team is the consistent churn of offensive production. With Dez back, will they push for more explosive plays or is he just going to be another open guy when Dak reads the coverage?

Bryan: I envision a situation where they use Bryant like they did in the Washington game. Targets in the middle of the field and red zone receptions. Explosive plays happen when you get the ball in his hands on the move. This is where Prescott is going to take advantage of him.

David:Dak has repeated it ad nauseam this season, and I bet he will again this week – I don't think the offense will change much. The Cowboys will undoubtedly look to get Dez involved in the offense, and they should. But I don't expect them to re-design the way they do things. I'm thinking Dez gets about eight targets – maybe a few less if he's being focused on, maybe a few more if he's consistently beating his coverage.


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