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Mailbag: Concerns With Myles Jack? Thoughts On New Touchback Rule?

If the No. 1 priority when picking fourth in the draft is to get a difference-maker why does Myles Jack no longer fit the bill?  He actually may be able to impact the defense more than any other defender in the draft.

Bryan: You have the player correct but there are some medical concerns that we have learned about while attending the Combine. If those happen to clear for his Pro Day and during the medical rechecks in April – he needs to be in the discussion.

David: I've watched tape on every candidate for the No. 4 overall pick, and Myles Jack was by far my favorite. So I get your frustration. But in my opinion, drafting fourth overall is about minimizing the risk of a bust, and Jack's knee issues really scare me. He's got another month to prove to teams that he's a safe bet, so we'll see how it goes. But the injury concerns are why you're hearing people downplay him.

Do you think with the ball coming out to the 25 that teams will return even less kicks now when receiving? Also when kicking off, will kickers be asked to try  to put the ball near the goal line to help set the defense up in better field position?

Bryan: There are going to be more returns which is exactly what the league is trying to avoid. You are going to see special teams coaches around the league treat the kickoff like the colleges do. "Sky or Directional" kick try to pin the offense in their own end.  

David: Honestly, I don't think it's going to change much at all. Touchbacks are already the norm as it is, and I'm not sure that five yards is enough to change anyone's line of thinking when it comes to weighing the risk/reward of fielding a kick. As for the actual kickers, placing a ball at the goal line is a lot harder than it sounds, and I think most coaches would prefer a kneel down than risk a botched coverage. I'll be surprised if the new rule changes things much.

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