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Mailbag: Confidence In The Run Defense? Dak's Comfort Level During OTAs?

With the players currently on the Cowboys roster, how do you think they will do against the run this year?  To me, it doesn't appear that they have enough big bodies inside.

Bryan: You have size with Jaylon Smith, Leighton Vander Esch, David Irving, Maliek Collins and now Jihad Ward. You have Tyrone Crawford and DeMarcus Lawrence, who play the run well on the edges and Sean Lee gets to every ball on the run. I honestly don't see this as a problem. 

David:I really had myself convinced they were going to draft a defensive tackle to beef up their middle, but they did trade for Jihad Ward. I'm concerned about the depth of the defensive tackle spot. Maliek Collins continues to battle foot injuries, and there's not a ton of proven experience behind him and David Irving. Fortunately, the Cowboys did beef up the linebacker corps. But I do wonder about this.

After losing Tyron Smith last year and the debacle with Atlanta, Dak Prescott did not seem comfortable with his throws in the pocket affecting his accuracy. During OTA's has Prescott seemed more comfortable/accurate with his throws so far?

Bryan: Throwing during OTAs and facing a pass rush are two different things. Has he made some quality throws? Yes, he has. Has he missed some? Yes, he has as well. The one trait I respect about Prescott is how hard he does work. He's in a better place both physically and mentally but he also knows the expectations. I believe you'll see more consistent play from him this season just from the experiences he went through last year. 

David:Dak looks like Dak – which is to say, he has some nice moments. But going all the way back to his first practice in 2016, Dak is not the type of guy who's going to consistently wow you in practice. I agree with you that the breakdown of the offensive line got into his head last year. I trust his poise. I'm not worried about him.


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