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Mailbag: Correcting Dak's Accuracy? Needs Along The Offensive Line?

What is going on with Dak's ability to throw the ball more accurately? Is it something mechanical that can be corrected this offseason? I am not talking about just the cold weather games as he has had issues all season, even in perfect playing conditions. Should we be concerned or can it be corrected?

Bryan: When he misses throws on the move, I agree there are problems. That happened to him more this season than the previous one. Need to look at how many times this season he had a guy hitting him in the face when trying to deliver the ball. When he was bad in the pocket it usually had to do with his feet, which can be corrected. 

David:It seemed like Dak's mechanics got away from him a bit this season. I'm not trying to make excuses for the guy, but I think a lot of that had to do with pressure. From the time Tyron Smith first sat out against Atlanta, there were a lot of games where he was just being constantly bombarded by opposing pass rushers. That said, he'll have plenty to work on himself in the offseason. I've got to believe his problems are correctable, because those problems weren't there his rookie year.

In the first three rounds of the draft, you have a chance to draft a starting guard or a swing tackle.  Which do you take? And why? I'd personally go for the tackle.  I get more and more scared that Tyron Smith may have to retire early from injuries.

Bryan: I'd take the tackle, as well. That position held you hostage this season. You can't have that happen again because if you do, you're likely to have the same bad results. 

David:My answer to this question likely depends on how the Cowboys handle free agency. If they secure Jonathan Cooper, or a similarly-talented free agent, to be their starting left guard, I look at the tackle. But they need to address that position. I know Tyron Smith's injuries are worrisome, but I still trust that he has plenty of years left in this league. I don't want to go into 2018 without a capable starter at left guard.


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