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Mailbag: Could Myles Jack Play Safety? Backup Plan At Backup Quarterback?


Would the Cowboys consider drafting Myles Jack at No. 4 if he is the best player available and converting him into a strong safety? He has the speed and skills to cover tight ends, and can you imagine Sean Lee, Rolando McClain, Anthony Hitchens and Myles Jack in the box on running downs?

Bryan:That question needs to be asked. He weighs 245 pounds now so you would need to take him down to 215-225 range to make that work. You are right about his ability to run and cover. His biggest problem is now that knee and if he is ready to play. He said during his workout that he is around 80 percent, so hopefully by the time he workouts again on April 1 we have a much better understanding of where he is. I am pulling for the kid but if that medical doesn't clear up, he's likely to be off the board due to that.

Rob: As Bryan said, the health of Jack's knee has got to be the biggest factor for teams right now. If everything checks out, I think the team who drafts Jack will be drafting him to play linebacker first and foremost, but knowing he has the versatility to play multiple spots as well as maybe some hybrid safety covering tight ends, etc. He might be like a chess piece you can move all over the field. Re-signing McClain makes linebacker less of a need for the Cowboys, at least for next season, but I don't think it should preclude them from drafting a linebacker if he's the best player available.


I read that Matt Moore signed with the Dolphins. So now where do the Cowboys look for a backup quarterback? Do they now look to the first round of the draft or do you see any prospects in the later rounds that could seriously come in and win NFL games if Tony Romo goes down again?

Bryan: Coaches are lining up for Kellen Moore and the scouts are working to come up with different options. I believe you will see a combination of Moore and a quarterback from the draft backing up Romo this season. There will be plenty options to select from in the first four rounds and with an extra pick in the fourth round that might be the best spot to make that happen.

Rob:Hard to assume they'll draft a quarterback at No. 4 just because they didn't sign any of the top free agent QBs in the first week. They also haven't signed a defensive end yet, so does that make Joey Bosa more appealing at No. 4 if he's there? While I think their preference would be to sign a veteran to compete with Kellen Moore, I agree the market has thinned. They don't want to box themselves into reaching for a QB in the draft, but it's something they should look at.

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